The Female Force Behind Canada's New Erotica Channel


Vanessa is Canada’s brand-new, adult-oriented, somewhat Canadacentric television channel. Unlike Penthouse TV, Hustler TV, and many other channels, it focuses on the softer side of sex—leaving the hardcore stuff to others. Maybe because a woman’s behind it?

Anne-Marie Losique—known as the “Queen of soft porn” in Quebec—is behind the new channel, which will reportedly emphasize “the softer and more erotic side of sex.” Losique’s not just a queen but a television producer, singer, TV host, and co-founder of the production company Image Diffusion International. (And a sex mogul, to boot.)

On Vanessa’s programming menu are shows about what it’s like to be a stripper, “a lighthearted educational series on sex toys,” the Miss Nude Canada and Miss Quebec Nude contests, and even documentaries on subjects such as sex trafficking. Sitcoms and reality shows that “talk about sex” are also in the works, and triple-X films will only be shown after 11 PM. And as Losique says, the channel will show twice as much homegrown content as its license requires.

Vanessa’s content manager, Pierre Thibeault, says there’s “nothing” like Vanessa currently on Canadian TV. “It’s the first time Canadians will be able to see themselves as much as they will,” he says. This sounds like a refreshing spin on an entertainment format that has, to date, been mostly construed by men, and directed toward a male audience. By combining thoughtful explorations of sex with sexy content, perhaps Vanessa can lead the industry in a new direction—one that acknowledges women’s place more fully, and creates a space for candid conversations about The Deed. But for now, those conversations will only be in French—an English version won’t be out till next year.

Erotic new TV channel launches in Quebec – promising lots of Canadian content [The Star]

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