The Good Ol' Days Of Advertising, When Subtext Was For Sissies


When it comes to this compendium of offensive vintage ads, it’s hard to choose the most appalling. But we like how this one just puts it out there. The more complicated ones, we’ll explain to you dizzy dames.

See, they’re talking about the projector — but also about her breasts!

Herewith, we give you The Problem With No Name, in a single image.

Okay, make that two.

See, she’s on the ground, cause that’s where women belong: at your feet! Get it?

We kind of want our cars to be already tamed when we get them, but that’s the softening of society for you.

But watch what filly you tame! They’re all filthy whores, sailor!

From the unfortunate Pretty Baby era.

And this? Well, this…is just a really good idea.

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