The Google Doodle Is Particularly Adorable for Valentine's Day


Today’s Google Doodle in honor of Valentine’s Day is as sweet as you might expect, but thanks to some help from This American Life, it’s particularly sentimental.

USA Today reports the six candy hearts you see on Google’s home page each take you to a special love-themed story. (Dwahhhh. I’m already getting mushy!)

Google’s Jennifer Hom on the Doodle team says the project began a couple of months ago when This American Life
host Ira Glass visited Google. Glass and his team contributed some
archival audio clips and came up with some new ones for the Doodle
project. The idea: To portray love in a host of different “incarnations.”

Check out a couple of the selected stories:

“Crush” tells the story of a teenage girl who says she has “had a crush on this one guy for four years.” She says: “This one time I sneezed … and he goes, ‘You know, you have a really cute sneeze.’ … I was all day on that sneeze comment. I must have told every one of my
In “Mr. Right,” a woman speaks of waking up the
morning after her wedding day with a heavy heart and doubts about her
decision to marry. She walked “all day long” to clear her head,
worrying her brand new husband. “That was 42 years ago, and since then, I
have never questioned.”

They really are all very sweet and nothing that will get your eyes rolling too far into the back of your head, even if you are one of those totally jaded anti-Valentine’s Day people.

Oh and the “Share a special moment with your Valentine today” link takes you to an app where you can send a last minute e-card, courtesy of Disney and their new short film Blank—A Vinylmation Love Story.

For those not familiar, Blank – A Vinylmation Love Story is
made by Disney, which is being showcased this weekend at Disney’s
Hollywood Studios. The story revolves around an unpainted Vinylmation
figure in search of his lost soulmate. The love story is set in a
miniature scale in the world of Vinlymation, filmed entirely in
practical stop motion.

Image via Google.

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