The Housewives of New York Have Fallen

The Housewives of New York Have Fallen

The 12th season of The Real Housewives of New York is set to crash through Bravo on April 2, and everyone’s favorite unmarried housewives are back. (Unless Bethenny Frankel is your favorite; she’s somewhere drinking nothing but SkinnyGirl cocktails and trying to be a tan parent.) But the rest of the gang—LuAnn, Ramona, Sonja, Dorinda, and Tinsley—are locked and loaded with enough tequila to make the cast of Vanderpump Rules weep.

The trailer introduces a new housewife, Leah McSweeney, on the heels of yet another dramatic departure from Bethenny. McSweeney, a clothing designer who admits her love for “crazy people” over lunch with LuAnn in the trailer—seems like she’ll fit right in. And it looks like the cast will return to Dorinda’s estate in the Berkshires, which has long been a location for peace talks and no drama at all!

Actually, Dorinda and LuAnn are still fighting, Ramona still thinks she is sane enough to help anyone, and Sonja is on the floor. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

From the few glances of McSweeney in the trailer, it would appear that she’s been well received by the gatekeepers of the Upper East Side, but who will turn on her first? Will it be Ramona, jealous of a new, younger housewife? It certainly won’t be Tinsley who is too wrapped up in the drama that is her on-again-off-again relationship with Scott Kluth to notice that an entirely new human being has entered her friend group.

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