The Many Ways To Say "Hillary Stole Obama's Balls"


The suggestion that the president may have heeded several liberal interventionists in his own administration — including Hillary Clinton, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, and National Security staffer Samantha Power — has inflamed a boys-against-girls war. Just ask Andrea Mitchell.

Naturally, this is very upsetting to several guardians of traditional masculinity, whether they support U.S. military intervention in Libya or not. The National Review‘s Mark Krikorian alone could fill a list of greatest hits. But why let him have all the fun when at least one lefty wants in too? Here, a sampling.

  • “The broader [lesson to Libya]… is that our commander-in-chief is an effete vacillator who is pushed around by his female subordinates.” (Mark Krikorian, “They Know Who Wears The Pants In This Country,” National Review‘s Corner blog.
  • “Obama’s pusillanimity has been hugely magnified by the contrast with the women directing his foreign policy and the fact that they nagged him to attack Libya until he gave in.” (Krikorian)
  • “Unless President Obama’s better instincts manage to reign [sic] in his warrior women-and happily, there’s a chance of that-the United States could find itself engaged in open war in Libya, and soon.” (Robert Dreyfuss, “Obama’s Women Advisors Pushed War In Libya,” The Nation online.)
  • “I don’t know how many people have died as we wait to do something. Thank God for strong women in the Obama administration.” U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, Fox News.
  • “There may be no battle jewelry on their chests, but were it not for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, White House adviser Samantha Powers, and United Nations envoy Susan Rice, the White House males would still be debating whether and how best to stop Qaddafi from slaughtering his own people.” (Judith Miller, “In Libya Dance, Obama Following Lead of Women Warriors,” Fox News online.)
  • Obama “should not wait once more for his women warriors to prod him either into bolder action, or an honest discussion with the American people whom he claims to lead. Clinton should not have to keep reminding him that Americans, for better or worse, chose him, not her, as their commander-in chief.” (Miller)
  • “Face it, Obama is a girly-man.” (I made that one up, but isn’t it convincing in context?)

Maureen Dowd, ball’s in your court. Obama’s balls! There, I gave you your lede. You can expand it into an original analysis of how Hillary and her mean girls (one of whom previously resigned after calling her a monster) formed a high school-style emasculating clique.

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