The Matt Gaetz Saga Has a Fresh New Layer

The Matt Gaetz Saga Has a Fresh New Layer
Image:Megan Varner (Getty Images)

Never a boring day when you’re Matt Gaetz or a member of his army of lawyers and spin doctors.

Federal prosecutors are looking into whether or not Gaetz “obstructed justice during a phone call with a witness” as part of an attempt to interfere with an investigation into Gaetz and his associate Joel Greenburg, who recently chose the life of a snitch and plead guilty to sex trafficking as part of a plea deal accepted by a judge on Thursday. Greenburg, who agreed to fully cooperate in the investigation into Gaetz, according to NBC, will be sentenced next month and will potentially be spared the maximum sentence should his cooperation prove fruitful.

Gaetz and an ex-girlfriend allegedly called a witness and as such may have interfered with the long-running investigation. Though Gaetz has yet to be formally charged on suspicion of paying women and a minor for sex, he has been denying the allegations against him with more vigor than JLo denies her use of plastic surgery. Still, no matter what Gaetz seems to try to throw up as a distraction, like supporting Marjorie Taylor Greene, the feds just won’t stop sniffing. A representative for Gaetz told NBC, “Congressman Gaetz pursues justice, he doesn’t obstruct it.”

When the allegations were originally brought forward, Gaetz scoffed at them loudly and confusingly on live television and chalked everything up to a wild conspiracy theory about a disgruntled former DOJ employee trying to extort the Gaetz family. Gaetz is pushing this narrative so hard that he still has his legal team investigating “the attempted extortion of a sitting U.S. Congressman.” Good luck with that!

As if a federal investigation isn’t enough, Gaetz is also being investigated by the House Ethics Committee, which seems to not bother him at all as he continues to claim that he plans to run for president if Donald Trump does not do so in 2024.

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