The New York Times' 'Modern Love' Column Is Getting Its Own Amazon Series


Amazon will be turning the New York Times’ second best column*, “Modern Love,” into an eight-episode comedic series. As Jennifer Salke, the head of Amazon Studios, told The Hollywood Reporter: “We’re looking for our next big show that women also can’t stop talking about.” Ah, women! Our tastes are so predictable!

John Carney, whose credits include Once, Begin Again and Sing Street, will write, direct and produce. According to THR, the show “will explore love in its multitude of forms, including sexual, romantic, familial, platonic and self-love.”

The Times probably predicted this day would come. As Sam Dolnick, assistant managing editor, said:

“Since its launch 14 years ago, Modern Love has struck a chord with readers that has only deepened with time. It remains one of our most popular columns both online and in print; it has become a successful weekly podcast; and the first Modern Love events last year were hits with live audiences. And now we are thrilled that Modern Love will become a TV show on Amazon.”

Is it just me, or are most Modern Love columns not especially…funny? Confusing, yes. Devastating, definitely. But funny? And Carney, while certainly adept at writing earnest, down-on-their-luck musicians learning to live again, might not be the first choice to help shepherd a somewhat self-serious column into a comedy.

But hey, He’s Just Not That Into You was an objectively terrible movie and I still watched that like, four times, so I am confident “Modern Love” will find its audience—even if the only thing women can’t stop talking about is how bad it is.

*After Sunday Routine, obviously.

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