The Revealing Reads, 4K Spider-Verses, and Ex-Country Anthems That Got Us Through the Week

This is the best of what we've been watching, reading, and listening to.

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Graphic: Jezebel (Shutterstock)

Is it....dare we say it.....fall??? Absolutely not; September is a summer month and a hurricane of all things is barreling toward Maine of all places. Nevertheless, the news of the week had a back-to-school vibe. The fun, recess-y stuff: The VMAs (pretty cool this year!). The civics lesson: People’s Sexiest Man Alive ballot (wield your vote wisely). The homework: that Elon Musk biography (barf, frankly). And for your extracurricular enrichment: Our recs for what to read, listen to, and watch this weekend.

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