The Royal Family Dons Their Gay Apparel


Like Santa Claus and dubious liquor ads, as sure as eggnog the holidays bring an array of British royals in noteworthy chapeaux. Only you can decide whether it’s more gift, or coal.

Not only does Prince Harry rock a topcoat but you know his never, ever has lint on it and he never needs to mess around with one of those crummy sticky rollers or a strip of masking tape because he probably has a valet who uses some ancient set of brushes. Perk of royalty.

The bad news: we have no Kate Middleton for ya. The good news: her future cousins rock a hat. Indeed, I find myself wishing Princess Eugenie had kept the rest of it simpler to let the topper shine.

Ditto Beatrice. Plenty of us commoners would love a chance — hell, a mandate — to wear a jaunty hat: for our sake, make it count.

For a few minutes there, Sophie, Countess of Wessex got the Middleton treatment and her every thread was scrutinized. And I gotta say, the woman can wear a hat like no one else in the current extended family. A little 30s, a touch Tyrol, a lot of weird: royal perfection.

Is it just me or is there something slightly jarring about the Queen in boots? And a Farrah-style apres-ski hat? (Even if there is the requisite cuff-match.)

You might think that, given recent attacks, Camilla and co would be in damage-control mode and might lay off the fur. But maybe at this point, that would a) not occur to anyone and b) not really make a difference to serious anti-monarchists. The bigger question is, who picked the hat first, Camilla or the Queen? And is it homage, or faux pas? (Which would be the only faux thing in this spread, I’m guessing.)

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