The Shedd Aquarium's Tiny Baby Dolphin Is Ready To Become Famous


This weekend, Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium will begin allowing people to visit its newest tenant: a six-week-old Pacific white-sided dolphin calf.

A press release confirms that the tiny wonder is doing well:

[The calf] will make its public debut in the Abbott Oceanarium’s Secluded Bay July 18, after six-weeks [sic] of bonding with mother Piquet and achieving several critical milestones. The calf has been steadily gaining weight and currently weighs approximately 40 pounds. The calf continues to display healthy nursing, and Shedd’s marine mammal animal care experts have already observed the calf showing interest in whole fish, swimming more independently and adjusting to new areas of the Abbott Oceanarium.

Here are mother and baby enjoying their time together:

And here is the little guy on his own:

New life is wonderful to behold. Little calf who doesn’t seem to have a name yet, I hope you eat fish like you’ve never tasted fish before, swim like you aren’t in captivity, and love like you’ve never been hurt.

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Image courtesy of Shedd Aquarium

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