The Shocking Stupidity Of Women Who Hate Men


The website ManRepeller has received quite a bit of buzz recently. The concept: To dress oneself “in a sartorially offensive way” so as to repulse the male sex. How absurd! Women have, at their fingertips, a vast number of tricks, charms and resources — all of which have been honed and perfected over thousands of years in order to attract a man. The privilege of having a man take interest in you is not to be toyed with! Why attempt to override techniques our ancestors evolved as tools? Perhaps because these women hate men.

I simply loathe women who hate men. Websites like ManRepeller turn ostracizing men into a game, which is not only disrespectful but an act of self-hatred! Every woman must admit that she is on this planet thanks to a man. Women wish they had the qualities men have. Men are strong! Men are wise! Men buit this country, and all of Western Civilization! For a woman, it is impossible to live without a man. Oh, one can survive. But to truly enjoy the lavish party life offers, a woman must have a male chaperone.

And let’s be honest: When a woman hates men, it’s usually because not one has ever asked her to marry him. It is a fact that women who are unmarried are bitter and cranky, especially if they’re reached a desperate, spinsterly age, like 24 or 25. These women think that they can survive without a man, find that they cannot, and turn to belittling men and the many great achievements of men. My advice to women who hate men? See the error of your ways! Comb your hair, put on some makeup and high-heels, invest in a push-up bra, learn to speak softly and withhold your opinion. Cook engagement chicken. Try as hard as you can to get married! It is the only intellgent thing to do.

Let us not even speak of lesbians.

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