The Situation Defends Calling Women "Grenades"


Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino was on the Today show this morning, and Al Roker asked him about the subtitle of his book, Here’s The Situation, which includes the words “a guide to creeping on chicks” and “avoiding grenades.”

When Sorrentino, who will make an estimated $5 million this year, was asked whether “grenade” — his term for a fat and/or ugly woman — is misogynist, he said, “It’s a humorous, humorous look or guide to being in your 20s.” Roker pressed: “You don’t feel that your book might be a little bit disrespectful to women?” The Situation answered, “No. No. It’s a humorous look.” Then he bragged about how popular the word grenade has become.

The persistent Al Roker tried one more time, wondering whether The Situation would allow his hypothetical future daughter date “somebody like you.” This definitely made The Sitch pause. In the end, he made a joke about doing a “background check.” Then he spewed some bullshit about “giving everybody the benefit of the doubt” and actually said “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” Unless the book is a woman and the woman is fat and ugly! Obviously.

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