The Situation Goes To The Emergency Room


Nobody’s watching Jersey Shore to observe the book smarts of its cast members. But no one on this show has been so stupid before as to bash his head into a cement wall and send himself to the hospital, like The Situation did on last night’s episode. It all started during one of Sammi and Ron’s late-night I’m-done-staaaahhhp fights, wherein Sammi told Ron about some shit-talking that Sitch had done weeks earlier, in the hopes that he’d redirect his anger from her to Mike. It worked and Ronnie did what he does in instances of pure anger—he disassembled The Situation’s bed and threw his belongings around.

Even though Ronnie is supposed to be the juicehead gorilla, The Situation was the one to act way more like a silverback when threatened: beating his chest, producing loud vocalizations, charging his opponent in a bluff, and generally acting like a wild maniac in the hopes that the opponent will back down. He admitted to Ronnie that that was pretty much his strategy when he slammed his head into the cement wall.

This was the first time, though, that we’ve seen The Situation get so emotional, as he held a pity party for himself, crying on the couch when none of his roommates were doting on him and his self-inflicted injury.

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