The Women in Donald Sterling's Life Ended Up Ruining Him


Sources say that Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling will let his wife Shelly negotiate the sale of their team. But newly released details reveal that if Shelly hadn’t found out about Sterling’s very public relationship with V. Stiviano, Sterling might still be sitting in his court side seat, watching his team play from under his round, dark sunglasses.

ESPN reports that Shelly is in the midst of negotiating the sale of the Clippers for her and her husband, though the NBA has to accept whatever agreement she comes to. But as the Los Angles Times makes very clear, Shelly wouldn’t be in this position if she hadn’t put pressure on her husband to cut ties with Stiviano – his assistant/mistress/special friend – in the first place.

In April, Shelly reportedly sued Stiviano for allegedly coercing money and cars out of her husband. Facing pressure from Shelly, text messages obtained by the Times between Stiviano and a Clippers employee demonstrate that Sterling started to pull back on the gifts to Stiviano. In one instance, Stiviano was told that her tickets to a Clippers game had been taken away, to which she responded:

“No tell Mr. Sterling that I don’t need anything nor do I want anything…But thanks for asking. LET THE GAMES BEGAN. . . .”
Two minutes later, Stiviano sent the employee an audio file. In it, Sterling could be heard making disparaging remarks about Magic Johnson, blacks and other minorities, and how he didn’t want Stiviano associating with them publicly.

According to Stiviano’s lawyers, she would “often” record Sterling’s remarks “to try to teach him a lesson about how poorly he came across at times” and would send them to her friends for “safekeeping” from Shelly. She still says she didn’t sell the recordings to TMZ (she just gave them to people who had plenty of reasons to do so).

Stay away from women, they will only cause you pain. Not as much pain as your own very stupid actions that actually caused your issues in the first place, but still, pain.

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