The World's Oldest Cat Has Shuffled Off This Mortal Coil


Sad news for fans of famously geriatric felines: Poppy, who was only recently certified by Guinness as the world’s oldest cat, has died. She was 24.

“We knew she was old but it’s still very upsetting,” Poppy’s owner Jacqui West told the Daily Mail. “We knew it was going to happen but we’re all still completely devastated. It’s only just starting to sink in.”

Poppy lived through numerous prime ministers, American presidents, and Doctors Who. She enjoyed long walks and the occasional piece of KFC. Plus she squeaked into record books and even earned a snazzy pâté birthday cake, to boot. All in all, a pretty good run for an tortie from Dorset. R.I.P., Poppy.

Photos via Guinness, by David Hedges /

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