The Year in Ivanka Standing

The Year in Ivanka Standing
Image:Associated Press

Ivanka Trump loves to stand. Has there ever been any other human who has, as Jezebel friend and contributor Clio Chang put it, as deep a passion for standing as Ivanka Trump? I suspect that Ivanka once was told she was “statuesque” and took that entirely too literally.

Is she ever not standing? Sometimes she sits, but more often than not, she is standing, her arms by her side, as close of an approximation to a smile that she can manage pasted to her face. In tribute to this lifeless marble statue, here is the year in Ivanka standing.

Here she is on January 9, ringing in the new year, standing.

She continued standing into February.

Notice Florence Parly’s clenched fist.

Sometimes she stands with a group of people who are also standing.

Celebrating an organization that has destroyed the economies of poor countries around the world requires standing.

When you have shitty taste in art but love to stand.

Here she is standing in a window.


Here she is, standing while wearing a hat.


Sometimes she stands with her family, who look amazingly lifelike compared to her.

June was a busy month!

One must stand when pretending to be a world leader.


Empowering every single woman around the world must be tiring, especially with all of the standing involved.

When you have no idea how to relate to people, just stand!

Still standing!


Nothing says “I am a human being with real human emotions” like robotically standing with your husband while on vacation.

Just a totally well-adjusted loving family, standing!

When you try your best to emulate the inanimate object next to you.

When you have bad ideas but know how to stand.

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