The Year’s Most Elaborate—and Confounding—Celebrity Halloween Costumes

It's probably a hell of a lot easier to settle on a costume when you have an entire hair and makeup department at your disposal.

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Photo: Getty Images

It was an extra-long weekend of celebrities spamming our Instagram feeds with their multiple Halloween costumes—many of which looked extremely expensive. Many of them also orchestrated elaborate photoshoots, reinforcing my suspicions that, unless they’re going to the Casamigos or Heidi Klum Halloween parties, celebrities’ getups are, in general, not for actual Halloween festivities. And in that case, who are we, the plebeian masses, to ignore the creative sartorial entertainment they put on for us?

For your gawking pleasure, here are some of our favorite (and least favorite) celebrities and what they did this year with their oodles of money.

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