There's a Man Out There Who Reportedly Gets Offered Money Just for Looking Like Scott Disick

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I feel like Scott Disick would have a lot of doppelgängers due to his general lack of distinguishing characteristics, I mean personality-wise especially. Like, if Disick were replaced by a guy who looked kind of like him, would anyone really be able to tell?

So, Page Six reported on Tuesday that there’s this guy about town (does it matter which?) named Paul Pennacchi, and he sometimes gets offered anywhere up to $500 or $1,000 to take photos with people who possibly think he’s Scott Disick. It’s unclear whether he’s being mistaken for Disick, or is becoming famous for looking like Disick, or both. Whatever! “I can please the people,” said Pennacchi. “I can give the people what they want!”

Pennacchi works for his dad’s construction company during the week, and travels to destinations such as Miami and the Bahamas on weekends. Unlike Disick, Pennacchi is 22 years old. The two have previously partied in Atlantic City. Here’s a cool quote:

“I was actually down in Atlantic City last weekend and a lady came up to me—I was playing at the casino at Hard Rock and she came up and said, ‘Are you Scott or Paul?’ I go, ‘I’m Paul.’ She goes, ‘Oh, you’re the guy from Page Six!’ It’s gotten to the point where I would say 60 percent think I’m Scott, but I’ve gotten it a couple times now that ‘Oh, you’re Paul! You were on Page Six! You’re Paul Pennacchi, Scott’s lookalike!’ It’s getting out of hand now!”

[Page Six]

Summer in the city…it’s a hot one!

[Daily Mail]

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