These Avengers and Villains-Style Gowns Are Badass and Gorgeous


I’ll take one in every color and two of that sick Loki dress. (Tom Hiddleston comes with, correct?)

You gotta go see them all over at unidentifiedspoon and then let’s each say which ones we’d wear and to what occasion. Since these gowns don’t actually exist, you can make up the occasion, as well. For instance, I’d wear the Loki one to storm the Fannie Mae offices and pay off my entire loan in sexy glances and high-fives (it would work in that gown) and then afterwards, I’d make out with Hiddleston (IN FULL LOKI GARB) at the Olive Garden in Times Square. Yes, we’d share the same breadstick a la a dirtier Lady and the Tramp.

Your turn!

[h/t The Mary Sue]

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