This Commercial for Tokyo Rainbow Week is Heartwarming

In Depth

“Come as you are,” reads the commercial for the biggest Pride event in Japan (in Japanese, of course). The parade is happening on April 27th in Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park. As the event has gained in prominence and size over the years, it has expanded to include a number of events across an entire week (or more). This year, Tokyo Rainbow Week takes place April 26th through May 6th.

The week includes events such as booths from different organisations (including Stonewall Japan, Nijiiro Diversity, and 27GO), discussions, panels, the Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, and a plethora of pre-Pride parties (how’s that for alliteration?). Another event organised around the time, but by different organisers, is Dyke Weekend, which is for LGBT women (yes, trans inclusive).

ROYGBIV will be at the events and covering them in photos and descriptions. Stay tuned!

Video and Images via Tokyo Rainbow Week/YouTube.

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