This Girl's Baton-Twirling Skills Are a Thing of Beauty


Here is a completely entrancing video of a 10-year-old Japanese girl named Kairi Mori performing a baton routine that will, I’m not exaggerating here, blow your mind. She flings that thing in the air and flips herself over like there’s not a chance in the world she’ll miss and smack herself in the head and then boom, catches it like it wasn’t any big thing.

While the video was originally uploaded in 2011, it was just picked up today by Digg, and it’s never to late to appreciate sick skills. She makes it look easy as falling off a log, but as a former flag girl myself I can testify that you don’t reach this level of proficiency without months accidentally bruising your extremities.

Plus, as you can see from this prize-winning 2013 appearance, Kairi has since learned to incorporate dance into her routines. Meanwhile, I’m still flunking yoga.

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