This Infuriating Airport Security Moment Brought to You by Amber Rose

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This just in: Amber Rose does not wait in airport security lines. More surprising: she flies commercial? (Scoffs)

So a source tells Page Six, which reported that the “woman with a huge derriere,” a.k.a. Rose, was escorted to the front of the line while other people who either 1. don’t know who she is, or 2. know who she is and don’t give a fuck about her Wiz/Kanye/Kylie dramaz were justifiably outraged.

Worth noting: Amber got A-list treatment not necessarily because she’s A-list (cough), but because she “used to date Kanye West.” I’d highly encourage any and all pre-Kim Kardashian SO’s, and liars, to do the same.

[Page Six]

Meet your newest reality TV star, Sofia Vergara. To be aired on…Snapchat? (Shrugs) The script series is, as you might guess, all about Vergara’s career—drumroll—as told through the eyes of her very handsome son, Manolo. No word from her ex, who’s likely busy trying to get joint custody of her new Hollywood Walk of Fame star. [The Verge]

Good news out cometh forth from SNL: Kenan Thompson has officially been signed to another season, making him their longest-standing cast member and probably, also, causing a giant, collective sigh of relief because I can’t imagine SNL, as it exists today, without him. [Splitsider]

Laverne Cox has totally got Bruce Jenner’s back. [E!]

Brandi Glanville compared Kim Richards’ ongoing stint in rehab to staying at a 5-star hotel. [Us Weekly]

Diddy gives Cassie an allowance. Because “you can’t just love somebody and take ‘em and y’all just part.” One part of me wants to make a snarky comment about love never being enough; another part of me thinks this sounds kind of practical and not unlike marriage without the certificate (I’m sure she has more than enough Diddy-purchased jewelry). [The Young, Black and Fabulous]

Rachel McAdams is figuring out her priorities. Also, Mean Girls came out 11 years ago. Think about that for a minute. [Us Weekly]

Miles Teller swims with sharks, pregnant ladies. [TMZ]

Lea Michele wished Cory Monteith a Happy Birthday. [Just Jared]

Jake Gyllenhaal + Ruth Wilson = Hmm? [Page Six]

Kristin Cavallari is knocked up again. [E!]

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