This Is Us.


On the edge of a battered road in Avery Lake, Canada, two lynxes had a heated exchange that was captured on camera. Are they siblings, friends, lovers? Within any such relationships, things get complicated. Sometimes you fight. Here is a transcript of their conversation.

Garol: Can we please stop? It’s early in the morning. I do not have time for this!

Beth: I have to go to work too!

Garol: Well then go! You’re blocking me!

Beth: You go!

Garol and Beth: You go!

Garol: You are so annoying.

Beth: You’re so annoying

Garol and Beth: Ugh!


Garol: What is the purpose of this really?

Garol and Beth: Ugh!

Beth: The purpose is I will scratch you so get out my way!

Garol: Good thing I have free healthcare!

Beth and Garol: [Shriek!!!]

Garol: I’m leaving!

Beth and Garol: Fine. Love you.

Garol: Sure.

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