This Male Model's Music Video Is Four Minutes And Two Seconds Of Awesome


Karl Lagerfeld’s boy-toy Baptiste Giabiconi’s first dance single — yes, he has a dance single — sounds a little like Ke$ha, if Ke$ha had DJ Pauly D hair and sang to really, exceptionally trashy house music. His video is amazing.

Even the weird domestic-violence, women-as-chattel subplot is too hammy to quite knock “Showtime” down from its little claim on the sublime. My favorite part? Oh my God, there are so many! Maybe the part where the guy shoves him and Baptiste stops singing to say, “Eh! What’z wong witz you, man?” Or maybe the part where he destroys the car with his mind? Or when he rhymes “I feel like breaking rules” with “I won’t be no-one’s fool.” (Baptiste, I want to break rules with you!) Or, wait, I know. It’s the part where he sings “Watch me take a bo-o-ow,” and then it cuts to him dancing alone in the desert in his dancing-alone-in-the-desert outfit, and right on cue he takes a bow. That ability to follow simple directions is really breathtaking. I bet he’s an ambi-turner.

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