This Oklahoma State Senator Really Doesn’t Want You Watching Porn

State Sen. Dusty Deevers (R) is hoping to push through a bill that makes the production and viewing of consenting porn a felony.

This Oklahoma State Senator Really Doesn’t Want You Watching Porn (Other)

Oklahoma state senator Dusty Deevers (R) hasn’t even been in office a full month but he’s already making plans to introduce a bill to ban pornography. Not too concerned about being popular, it seems! The Christian pastor, religious extremist, and abortion abolitionist (he thinks people who have abortions should be charged with murder), who sort of looks like a fly-over state Jordan Peterson, proposed Oklahoma Senate Bill 1976 this week, which bundles banning consenting adult pornography with child sex abuse materials (CSAM).

Not only does Deevers hope to ban the production and procurement of consenting adult pornography but he also wants to make viewing it a felony offense, punishable with up to 20 years in prison. The bill defines “obscene material” (separate from its definition of child pornography) as “any representation, performance, depiction or description of sexual conduct, whether in any form or on any medium including still photographs, undeveloped photographs, motion pictures, undeveloped film,” etc. In Deever’s nightmare vision for Oklahoma, no horny hipster shall hold an undeveloped film strip of (consenting) nudes up to a dim light.

Couching a ban on consenting adult pornography into a bill condemning CSAM is laughably ludicrous. In Oklahoma, as in all of the United States, federal and state laws prohibit the production and distribution of CSAM. It’s already illegal, as it should be. Bill 1976 is hoping folks get so righteously flustered by the false notion that they’ll conveniently overlook the other provisions of the bill.

The bill also features one truly laughable exception which is that it does not “prevent spouses from sending images of a sexual nature to each other.” Phew! Those bound in union under the frightful gaze of God can still text ass pics to each other. How sweet.

Separately—and more terrifying—Deevers also proposed a number of other bills this week including one that would ban all abortion without exception and one to repeal no-fault divorce.

Sen. Deevers campaigned on the promise to put an end to pornography, as well as drag queen story hours and critical race theory. His platform on his website reads, “There is a need for a bold fighter to stand between the people and the ever-expanding government that is infringing on our God-given freedoms.” (Sounds like a sort of sexy hero tale you’d watch in a porn, no?) Turns out that the “bold fighter” he’s envisioning himself as is just an over-involved loser keeping too close an eye on how responsible consenting adults get off.

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