This Photo Perfectly Illustrates Silicon Valley's Gender Disparity


Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is happening right now and while the event is bringing us some exciting news (iOS8 sounds like it is going to be amazing and useful and whatever I’ll buy it because it is simple and shiny) it’s also bringing some troubling pictorial evidence that the gender gap in silicon valley (and tech in general) is still alive and well and just a giant fucking hole.

SFGate reports that when google released its diversity report recently, it was no surprise that only 30 percent of those working at Google are women. And, SFGate also points out that only 12 percent of all computer science degrees are awarded to women. This information is important, but it doesn’t create as much of a visceral impact as this photo tweeted from the opening day of this year’s conference.

And lest anyone think this is a fluke, here’s a photo from the conference from 2013:

Images taken from the bathroom line at the conference aren’t exactly scientific data (although, they could be — anyone have grant writing experience?) but they are telling of the current climate in the tech world and the underrepresentation of women in the field. Let’s hope next year is a little (even just a little) different.

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