This Sea Lion Steals a Bench Seat from a Man and is Totally Not Sorry


All this poor man wanted to do was relax and hang out on a bench with some sea lions. But NOPE. One sea lion was having none of it, thank you very much.

We’ve been led to believe that sea lions are like the sweet elderly widow who lives next door to us. When she sees us, she smiles and says “Oh how are you, dear? Would you like some apricot jam? I made a whole extra jar, just for you.” She seems so caring and concerned, reminding us to wear a scarf when the temperatures start to dip and always telling us how “nice” we look each day. But really, she’s the one reporting us to code enforcement every time our grass gets an inch too high or calling the cops to complain about the noise when we have friends over. Yeah. I see your game now, sea lions. I got your number.

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