This Week In Tabloids: Dead Bodies, Beach Bodies, Weddings & Monkeys


It’s Wednesday, so this is Midweek Madness, our tabloid roundup. Star was the only rag without Michael Jackson on the covers this week, maybe hoping people prefer “Beach Bodies” to untimely death? Step inside for more weeklies, after the jump.

“Tragic Death.” The mag chose a cover image that some are calling “ghoulish” and a “disgrace,” especially since Michael Jackson may already be dead in the photo. Some advertisers may be pissed and there’s talk of a boycott. Inside you’ll find a standard collage of old and new Michael Jackson photographs. Also inside: Kristen Stewart has dumped her boyfriend Michael Angarano, according to a source, which means she COULD date Robert Pattinson, but she doesn’t want to rush into another relationship. YAWN. One spread in the “news” section is called “The Many Faces Of Johnny Depp” and is just pictures of characters he has played. News? Really?
Grade: F (pulled away by rip tide)

Life & Style
“Who Killed Michael.” The headline inside is “Drugs, Anorexia and Missing Millions,” and you’ll find a typical sensationalist story: the family thinks drugs were being used to manipulate Michael; there might have been millions stolen from him; he kept saying that he owed people money and people would kill him if he didn’t do the London concerts. On and on, bullshit. Moving on: Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler are “competing” for Jennifer Aniston. During a late night shoot on Bounty Hunter, Jen was getting really “chatty” with Gerard, and a source says “Gerard was getting really close to her on the escalator.” Um, it’s an escalator. How far apart can two people be? Also, Gerard is “just like” Brad Pitt because they “wear similar hats,” “they love their bikes,” they’ve got great bodies,” and they both wear aviator sunglasses. In a story about how Kate Gosselin might raise her kids alone, there’s a sidebar on Jon Gosselin, in which the magazine spells his name with an H (we circled it in yellow for you) and prints the headline, “John Trades The Kids For Booze, Money And Women.” (Fig. 1). Kendra Wilkinson had “wedding dress drama” when days before the ceremony, she discovered that her dress didn’t fit! Her boobs were too big, because she is three months pregnant, “I had to get my whole dress redone,” she explains. Britney Spears would like her agent/boyfriend Jason Trawick to move in with her at the end of her tour. Jacqueline of RHONJ clears up what Caroline was accusing Danielle of doing to Dina in the reunion special, saying: “Danielle was trying to harm Dina by giving her ex-husband a phone number that might give him leverage in the custody of their daughter Lexi.” Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel might be “taking a break” since they have not been photographed together since May 31 and a source says, “I think they might be over.” Robert Pattinson’s aunt speaks to the magazine and says: “I don’t think it would be a good idea for Robert to be in a serious relationship with Kristen. How can he live his life with a fellow star with their every move being watched, just like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes?”
Grade: D- (jellyfish sting)

“52 Best & Worst Beach Bodies!”
Some of the “best” include 15-year-old Ali Lohan, perennial fave Kim Kardashian, and Julia Roberts. Worsts? Kate Gosselin, Stephanie Seymour and Helena Christensen — the latter two have cellulite. Moving on: According to this magazine, Janet Jackson should get the kids because Katherine Jackson is too old and “it’s what Michael would have wanted.” Although the cover says “Janet Fights For Michael’s Kids,” it appears to be a lie — there is no information ANYWHERE indicating that Janet has gotten involved or wants the kids. Next: Justin Ross Lee, “an up and coming Facebook celebrity,” sat next to Ashley Olsen on an airplane, took pictures of her sleeping and apparently sold the story to Star. It’s a Star “exclusive.” Disney Star Selena Gomez has a mole on her chest and if the 16-year-old star tries on a dress with a neckline low enough that the beauty mark can be seen, her mom nixes it. Says the mom: “I’m on constant mole patrol.” James Haven — brother of Angelina Jolie — has a license plate which reads “Shilloh,” because that was his nickname as a kid. Angie named her daughter after him, in a way. Lindsay Lohan went to get a manicure and had no cash on her, and no credit cards; she let another customer pay the bill for her. Blind item! “Which funnylady is a fan of those funny-smelling cigarettes? Tongues were wagging when she showed up half-baked at an industry dinner in L.A. on June 19th.” In an interview with Robert Pattinson’s exes, we learn that he was “amazing” in bed and that his first girlfriend now works in a slaughterhouse in New Zealand. Kevin, the ex-husband of RHONJ‘s Danielle Staub, claims that Danielle brought up “the book” to producers before the show. After she made the plea deal so she wouldn’t go to prison, she started receiving anonymous threatening phone calls — possibly from the drug dealers she’d ratted out — and was talking about maybe going into the witness protection program.
Grade: D (mangled and tumbled by six foot waves)

In Touch
“Gone Too Soon.”
To accompany this classic, retro cover straight out of 1984, there are two long stories about Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett, PLUS A PULL-OUT POSTER with Michael on one side and Farrah on the other. Margaret is totally hanging it in her locker. (Fig. 2a, 2b) Also inside: Lindsay Lohan wears $2,165 ripped jeans. (Fig. 3). Madonna and Mercy look cute together! (Fig. 4). Did Stephanie Pratt have a nose job (Fig. 5)? Is Britney “unraveling” again? Recently she went shopping and changed her outfit in every store. Then, in London, she “tearfully shut herself into a closet” and “her assistant had to coax her out by promising to buy her tacos.” Kate Gosselin is “flabby” now that the divorce is getting to her. Or wearing a different cut of bathing suit? Bradley Cooper is “going to break Jen’s heart” because the night before their date, we was out with Lake Bell and “had his hands all over her legs.” Check out Style Network star Ruby’s “first fashion shoot” ever, on page 85 (Fig. 6). Lastly, a spider monkey named Coco announces that she likes bananas, grapes and swings, and is the 4th of the Girls Next Door (Fig.7).
Grade: C (sunburn)

“His Final Days.”
Margaret says this is the best Michael Jackson story she has read all week. Instead of the recapped/CNN stuff the other magazines are printing. The mag talks to Michael’s former bodyguard, who says that MJ was often over-medicated and “I would have to literally lift him up and carry him back to the car or back to his room.” Michael had a fall-out with his former best friend, illusionist Uri Geller, because Geller tried to tell him he was taking too many painkillers and anti-depressants — Michael couldn’t accept someone confronting him, because he’s used to getting his way. A family source says that Michael’s usual schedule was to sleep until late in the afternoon and stay up all night, but when he started rehearsals for the tour, it “totally screwed up his system.” He started using stimulants in order to get up early for the rehearsals. There’s another story in the mag about Michael’s “Life As A Dad” with tons of previously unseen pictures of his kids. Plus, there’s deep insight as to what the kids’ lives were like. Sources say the kids were very intelligent and fairly normal. Michael would get down on his knees on the floor and change Blanket’s diaper. Michael made a big deal out of Christmas, because growing up as a Jehovah’s Witness, he wasn’t allowed to celebrate. But a photographer says that his wacky behavior did affect the kids: He was paranoid that someone was trying to poison the kids, and at hotels, there would be a long list of stuff they couldn’t eat. When they stayed in fancy hotels, Michael would go in and baby-proof everything — like go in and put cardboard and tape on all sharp edges of the furniture. The kids were home-schooled in a classroom at Neverland that had blackboards, textbooks and desks, and the children had to wear matching uniforms to school. They had instructors, but Michael also handled some of the lessons: He taught them African-American history, music and art. There’s also information on the biological father of the kids, dermatologist Arnold Klein. Plus: Did you know that Katherine Jackson and Joe Jackson don’t live together? She lives in L.A. and he lives in Vegas. Also inside: Kanye West has been interning at the GAP’s offices in NYC. “He works all the time, and one Friday night recently, he stayed until 12 am. He’s learning the fashion business from the inside and trying to do it quietly.” Jennifer Garner hates Ben Affleck’s ex, Gwyneth Paltrow! She’s annoyed that Gwyneth sends her kids to Violet’s school… but only for a few weeks a year, which “messes up the dynamics of the class.” Lastly, there are six pages of “official photos” from Kendra Wilkinson’s wedding — she was bumped off the cover by the death of MJ. Margaret found the wedding, which took place at the Playboy Mansion, to be a “shockingly classy affair.” Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt were among the bridesmaids, and Hef and his three new girlfriends were in attendance. Hef danced with Kendra to “As Time Goes By.” Fatherly!
Grade: B- (sand in crotch of swimsuit)

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