This Week In Tabloids: Sapphic Encounters And Haircut Advice, At Prices That Can't Be Beat

Every Wednesday, we rummage through the gossip clearance aisle in Midweek Madness to determine whether OK!, Us, Life & Style, In Touch or Star, has valuable dirt you want at a price you can afford.

Disqualified once again for lack of gossip.
Grade: N/A (The price of fame.)

In Touch
“Brad’s Intimate Texts To Jen” Brad and Jen are exchanging texts almost every day, on such intimate matters as whether or not Jen should cut her hair. She was thinking of cutting it short for summer, but thankfully, “He talked her out of it,” says a friend, “He told her to just trim it and go blonder.” Brad has finally revealed the real reason he left Jen, and it’s not just because he was sleeping with Angie. He had bleached his hair, taken flying lessons, and gotten a tattoo, so obviously he was going through a midlife crisis. Now Brad feels like he’s living a lie and is trapped with Angelina. Dr. Gilda Carle, who wrote an e-book on fidelity but doesn’t treat the stars, said that Brad and Jen shouldn’t rush to get back together. “Everything’s changed, and he’s had all these other experiences,” says Carle, “she might not like that new guy that he is.” Jen’s the same person though, because she’s just been thinking about how lonely she is and staring at her phone waiting for Brad to text. Next: Katie Holmes is going to Australia to film her new movie and she’s excited to have some time to herself. However, Tom Cruise is upset because this hampers his ongoing plot to impregnate Katie, thus satisfying Suri’s insatiable need for more siblings. Jon and Kate Plus 8 have a live-in nanny who is never shown on the TLC show. In closing, let it be known that the following people are dating: Cameron Diaz and Adam Levine of Maroon 5, Audrina Patridge and Chris Pine of Star Trek, Hayden Panettiere and 30-year-old British TV host Steve Jones, George Clooney and a chick named Amber.
Grade: D- (Five finger discount on grapes.)

Life & Style
It’s [Not Really] On: The mag claims that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are “getting serious” because he introduced her to his parents… at his birthday dinner with other Twilight co-stars in attendance. But, they both ordered the same entree, so clearly they are soul mates. Also they’re heading off to “romantic Italy” together, as that is where New Moon is filming next. Next: Angelina’s back to “playing mom,” after forcing Brad to become a full-time parent while she selfishly went to work on Salt. When the film wraps at the end of the month Brad will start filming his next film, Moneyball, and Angie will stay home with the kids. They’ve explained in the past that they take turns doing movies so one parent can stay with the kids, but an insider says, “she’s unpredicable and restless,” so she may take on a new project this summer and flake out on mom duty, “and Brad will once again have to put his career on hold to be with the kids.” In a related sob story, Jennifer Aniston says she’s “numb to falling in love.” Actually, she said when you read a lot of romantic comedy scripts you get numb to the cliche falling in love story. But an insider says she’s been trying to numb herself to falling in love as a defense mechanism, “when really, deep down, it’s exactly what she wants.” Also, Jen has betrayed Smartwater because she was photographed on set holding a tiny bottle of Poland Spring she probably picked up at the craft services table. In other news, Mark-Paul Gosselaar says he’s not ashamed of his Saved By The Bell roots. “That image will stay with me for my entire career,” he says, “but I’m not looking to shed the persona of Zack. I’m proud of the work I did.” Dr. Rey channels Buffalo Bill again, asking, “Who has the best skin in Hollywood?” Michelle Trachtenberg, 23, has a flawless face, but Dr. Rey recommends microdermabrasion, a chemical peel, and laser skin surfacing for 22-year-old Lindsay Lohan. Kate Bosworth’s stunning skin should be harvested and grafted onto Kirsten Dunst’s face. (Fig. 1) Finally, Life & Style has determined that they give you more gossip for your recession buck than Us (Fig. 2) Hey, we’ll be the judge of that, Life & Style.
Grade: D (Markdown on pantyhose.)

“Mom To Monster” The before and after picture of Kate Gosselin Us ran last week was a hit, so they decided to use it again for this week’s cover. Kate has “cut a swath of terror” by refusing to speak to Jon this weekend at the kids’ birthday party when the cameras weren’t rolling, having a TLC-financed makeover, and putting her “career before marriage.” There are details from a former baby nurse who says Kate fired 40 nannies in three months before hiring her, neighbors who say she told them she’d sue if they reveal where she lives, and family members who say she’s been obsessed with money since the sextuplets’ birth. Us also provides a 360 degree look at Kate’s “reverse mullet.” (Fig. 3) Moving on: Sex and the City wedding! Cynthia Nixon announced her engagement to Christine Marinoni and showed off her ring at a marriage equality rally in New York as co-star Kristin Davis looked on. The dangers of Tweeting: Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston got roped into going on a double date with Spencer and Heidi via Twitter. Lastly, can you match the pregnant star to her baby bump? (Fig. 4)
Grade: D+ (Alligator cowboy boots they just put on sale.)

“Angie Walks In On Jen And Brad!” … talking on the phone. Angelina came home late one night from filming Salt and overheard Brad on the phone saying, “Relax Jen. Everything will be OK.” A family insider says Angie, “totally flipped out.” She screamed at him, “it’s her or me!” but it’s going to be a tough call for Brad, since the mag says he and Jen “just can’t quit each other,” and he likes to drunk-dial Jen late at night. In the much juicier story “Mom’s Gay Affair!” we learn that Carrie Prejean’s mother, Francine Coppola, was having a lesbian fling up until the night her daughter revealed her thoughts on gay marriage and lost the Miss USA crown. There’s a picture of Coppola’s “secret sapphic passion,” Valerie Vetrano, as well as pictures of Coppola (who claims she’s related to the director) at a lesbian party in Palm Springs where the two met, and lengthy accounts from sources who say they saw them on dates. Coppola wanted to keep their affair a secret, especially after her daughter started speaking out against gay marriage, but Vetrano said she wasn’t going to live her life in the closet. When Star contacted Vetrano, she said, “In my country, in my household, I was raised to be honest and up-front. Yes, Francine and I dated. However, I don’t feel comfortable discussing the details of our relationship – no offense.” Moving on: Zac Efron has been told that if he wants to be a real star, he has to distance himself from High School Musical, and that means breaking up with Vanessa Hudgens. Zac feels this summer would be a convenient time to dump her, since he’ll be filming in New England, but a source says, “Zac does still love Vanessa. He’s agonizing about this!” How sweet. Next: Even though Joy Behar explained that she doesn’t want anyone but her partner Steve and her daughter at her wedding on a recent episode of The View, Barbara Walters is mad because, “She feels like she gave Joy her big break, and it would only be right to at least ask her to come,” says a source. Blind item: Which starlet stays red carpet ready thanks to a steady diet of heroin? But no need to worry about ugly track marks showing up in photos – she injects the drug between her toes. The mag estimates that Kelly Clarskson weighs about 165 pounds. She wants to lose weight for her health, so the mag encourages her by using the headlines “Kelly’s BIG Comeback” and “Hungry For A Hit.” Melissa Gilbert says that her Little House on the Prarie co-star Shannen Doherty had a one-night stand with her husband and ruined their marriage in her upcoming autobiography Prairie Tale. The incident occurred about five years after the show ended, and Gilbert claims “serial homewrecker” Doherty sought her husband out, “purely because she wanted to be like Melissa,” according to a source. Next: Jamie Spears recently caught Britney taking over-the-counter diet pills mixed with Red Bull, which a source says made her, “whacked-out and go on weird rants.” Britney’s exhaused from touring and turns to the concoction to get her high. She also thinks Jamie tapped her phones and has a device that keeps a record of every number she calls [wouldn’t the device be sort of like a phone bill?] Malia and Sasha Obama are “White House Rascals.” They sing along to pop music loudly and off-key in their rooms, made the White House cook figure out the recipe for Pinkberry because there isn’t a store in D.C., and speak in their own abbreviated sister language. What bothers everyone the most is that they go through the staff’s magazines (including Star, of course), looking for new photos of Zac Efron and Nick Jonas. Finally, in this edition of “Best & Worst Beach Bods” we learned that if we want to be bikini ready, professional tennis is not the way to go. For the second week in a row, a mag has labeled Serena Williams body a “worst.” (Fig. 5) Other crimes against humanity include having a “pancake butt” like Whitney Port (Fig. 5), having nearly invisible cellulite like Helen Hunt (Fig. 6), and bending to pick something up while being 57, like Angelica Huston (Fig. 7).
Grade: C+ (Red light special, for some of the night.)

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