This Woman Is the Awesome Cat Lady You Can Only Hope to Be


Kate Benjamin has one of the best jobs in the world. What is it, you ask? Well, she just writes about and make things for cats all day. Her eleven cats.

Benjamin began as a cat blogger in 2007 and as her business grew, she quit her day job to focus on her “Moderncat blog” and design studio where she makes toys and accessories. Now, the New York Times writes that she’s just rebranded her blog, Hauspanther, which is an “online magazine for design-conscious cat people.” Next up? “Catification,” or feline feng shui without messing up your color palette.

“The idea is to influence the mass cat-product industry to step up their game,” said Ms. Benjamin, who has teamed up with Jackson Galaxy, the cat behaviorist from the television show “My Cat From Hell,” for this effort. “We just want to be the go-to source for anyone who wants to live stylishly with cats.”
As the tattoo on her arm announces, Ms. Benjamin is positioning herself as a cat lady for a new generation. A vegan with Bettie Page bangs, she has upended the old stereotype of the frumpy, middle-aged woman surrounded by cats. And her two-bedroom townhouse here is a showcase of the latest in feline interior design.

That’s awesome and I’m jealous.

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