Timothée Chalamet's Harry Styles Transformation Is Complete


At the U.K. premiere of Beautiful Boy over the weekend, Timothée Chalamet wore a gorgeous floral-print Alexander McQueen suit complete with single-breasted drop shoulder jacket. If you think the fit looks romantic enough to be hung in a museum, you’d be right—the design was literally painted (!?) according to McQueen’s Instagram. More importantly, however, is that this fantastic foray into soft menswear means Chalamet’s slow transformation into American Harry Styles is complete.

Look at the facts: Styles wears floral suits religiously, Chalamet, now at the top of his acting game, has begun doing the same. Teens love them both. Jezebel can’t decide whether he is our boyfriend or our son, a problem I recall sharing with alum Madeleine Davis in her extraordinarily horny Styles coverage. They are the same, divided only in age:

I welcome Chalamet’s inevitable experimentation with more traditionally feminine styles but until then, wow! Such a Beautiful Boy, indeed.

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