Tink Remixed Dej Loaf's 'Try Me' With Birthing Metaphors

“Try Me,” the lead single by Detroit rapper Dej Loaf, has enjoyed a protracted underground hit status that shows no signs of slowing—its key factor being Dej’s take on tenderly explaining to a dude how she’s gonna murk his ass.

Now, her Chicago counterpart—the rapping, singing powerhouse Tink—has dropped her remix of “Try Me,” and it, too, is delicate in its murderousness, in its intent to “lay dem boys down like a lotta dominoes.” (Because, of course, “we ain’t playin’ up in Chicago.”) But she uses another weapon to underscore her power, and to undermine her male counterpart: the pure-life magick-power that is childbirth, to monstrous ends. “Bout to drop a body, feel like I’m contractin’.” Later: “Take your baby out like it was his born day.” It’s the hardest tack ever, and makes one imagine a world, or at least a week, in which all that existed were versions of women remixing this song—the new one to beat, at the very least, and a new path for battle rap. Thank you Def Loaf, and thank you Tink.

Image via Tink/Twitter.

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