Tired Woman Falls Asleep At Boring Event


Feminism is about living one’s truth, even in a society that doesn’t want you to. Let’s take a moment to build up this woman who fell asleep because she was tired and didn’t care about societal norms which say that beds are the only proper places for sleeping.

According to the Bush campaign, the woman in question is a “working mom” who woke up at 4 a.m. and clocked in a 12-hour shift in order to see Jeb Bush speak at a town hall meeting in Hampton, New Hampshire.

A little over 30 seconds in, Tara begins to fade as Bush says the following exciting words about healthcare:

“The healthcare commitment by this country to people ought to be that the healthcare is affordable, which means lower premium, higher deductible plans, where the subsidy and the support comes in the out-of-pocket costs and that the insurance provides catastrophic coverage.”

The rhythm and tone of his oratory are as fitful as they are soporific, and it took me 90 minutes to write this because I fell asleep midway through.

Likely in order to save face, Bush tweeted out a picture with Tara in which he demonstrates that he is familiar with the concept of empathy.

Oh, how we are tired.

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