TMZ Manages To Mock Charlene Yi's Charity Work


Charlyne Yi claims that TMZ asked her to film a video promoting Oxfam, saying it wanted to do good for a change. She agreed, but TMZ edited the finished product to humiliate Charlyne and make fun of the charity.

Last week, Charlyne explained on her blog that she was hesitant about associating with TMZ, but the folks at Oxfam urged her to do the video, saying they trusted TMZ. On September 18, Yi went to the Promenade in Venice to canvas for the organization. She writes:

[TMZ producers] said to make a big scene so they’d have something to film, since people walking by were not really responding to talking and it could look exciting- so I started yelling. Trying to get attention, to make it seem like a big thing. Being obnoxious and loud. We were also competing against street performers playing music, Firemen raising money for folks with cancer, a magician, etc…

Today, Charlyne posted a video showing how TMZ edited the clip:

Good questions, Charlyne! Why would TMZ bother to go through all this set up? Even if the paparazzi had just happened upon her ranting in the street, the video isn’t all that salacious, or funny. If calling a charity that fights poverty and hunger “The organization that helps famished oxen around the world,” is what passes for comedy at TMZ, their entire TV audience must be made up of (particularly insensitive) 6-year-olds.

Urlesque has posed another theory: This is all a “big meta-joke and they’re in on it together.” Though Charlyne shows the video playing on website, it doesn’t show up in a search.

While this is a bit fishy, we’re inclined to believe Charlyne’s account. TMZ working with Oxfam on a convoluted viral video sounds less plausible than the site taking an opportunity to trash a celebrity, then removing a boring week-old video. Plus, believing Urlesque’s conspiracy theory means accepting that TMZ staffers were willing to embarrass themselves to benefit a good cause, which just doesn’t sound like the TMZ we’ve come to know and loathe.

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