Today Is Taylor Swift’s Birthday

Swift, whose lucky number is 13, was born on December 13th, which should be a holiday

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Today Is Taylor Swift’s Birthday
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Sunday night was a rough one for TV watchers or anyone with access to Twitter, who may have spent the weekend trying to figure out why Nancy Reagan was trending. But as the good book says, joy cometh in the morning and this is doubly true on this particular day when millions celebrate the birth of Taylor Allison Swift. Swift turns 32 today and is continuing to thrive after what have arguably been the three most significant years in her career. She put Scooter Braun’s business in the streets, released two pandemic albums, and also released a 10-minute track that will have the girls quaking for the next 10 years.

Many of Swift’s naysayers who choose to compare her approach to her 30s to Adele’s will likely take this sacred day to continue their campaign over Swift’s “immaturity” or “pettiness” because she is still singing non-serious songs about her exes. But to that I say, with my whole chest, literally, everyone is making music about their exes and not everything is going to be a goddamn Shakespearean level tragedy so just get over it. Different strokes for different folks!

Anyway, happy birthday to Miss Taylor who still will not accept my many attempts to become her friends and or personal assistant.

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