Today's "Yenta Hour" Lectures Women On How To Be Ladies


Ugh, the fourth hour of Today truly lived up to the nickname “yenta hour” this morning, as Hoda, Kathie Lee, and company advised us on the importance of being proper ladies.

In the clip at left, psychologist Judith Sills explains that while once the term “lady” had a “prissy, withheld, repressed” connotation, “today’s lady” should strive to be “confident, strong, but soft around the edges.” A survey found that 89% of women would like to be described as “confident” and “gutsy” but don’t particularly care to be called a “lady,” but, according to some dude from Esquire all it takes for us to make the jump to “lady” is class. So you can be an assertive, confident woman, just remember your manners, make sure you always look cute, and bat your eye lashes while you’re at it.

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