Tracy Reese Transports Us To A 1970s Malibu Beach House


Kick off your sandals, roll a joint and get hip to the beachy, retro vibe from the Tracy Reese show today.

A floppy hat with a vest and pants is so very vintage Faye Dunaway.

The fit and the feel: Incredibly laid-back.

This is almost exactly how my mom dressed when I was a kid in the 70s. I have seen pictures.

Tracy Reese — one of the few (or possibly only) black designers to show in the tents during fashion week — usually does prim, girly little party dresses. So these looser looks are somewhat of a departure.

That said, kudos for creating ensembles that are casual without being sloppy.

Sexy, but not aggressive.

Is this intended to be an updated take on tie-dye?

Tracy Reese enthusiasts have nothing to fear: There were pretty dresses!

The darker shades were not quite as breezy and dreamy as the pale, soft hues.

How gorgeous is this dress on that model? Perfection.

Another winner. Take off the heels, slip on jeweled sandals, get married on the shore with the waves lapping at your feet.

Fuck it, let’s all move to Hawaii.

Tracy Reese herself! The lady stands in front of “waves,” waving.

[Images via Getty.]

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