Ugh, Disney Gave Brave's Merida A Pretty Pretty Princess Makeover


Merida, the boundary-breaking heroine of Pixar’s Brave, officially gains the title of Disney’s eleventh Princess today — one which, ironically, she would not give a crap about. But she appears to have stopped into a Sephora, a Weight Watchers, and a BCBG on the way to her coronation. And they took away her bow and arrows. Not cool.

The heroine of Brave is a welcome departure from other Disney princesses: Her plot wasn’t moved along by a sacrifice-worthy crush on a dude, e.g. Little Mermaid’s Ariel (giving up her voice! Hello there, on the nose metaphor). In fact, there’s real love interest for Merida at all; she simply gives zero fuqs. Meanwhile, in the magical world of Disney, even the tomboy heroine Mulan had a thing for her captain (voiced by Law & Order SVU’s B.D. Wong, in case you wanted your mind FUCKING BLOWN THIS MORNING).

As you can see, her eyes are wider, her waist is smaller, her hair is sleeker, and her dress is sparkly as shit. A petition on that’s already garnered 78,000 signatures urges Disney to return to the original character design.

By making her skinnier, sexier and more mature in appearance, you are sending a message to girls that the original, realistic, teenage-appearing version of Merida is inferior; that for girls and women to have value — to be recognized as true princesses — they must conform to a narrow definition of beauty.

‘Merida From ‘Brave Gets An Unnecessary Makeover’ [HuffPo]

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