Uh, Doc Martens Did a William 'Gin Lane' Hogarth Capsule Collection 

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Hot for fall: English artist William Hogarth, 1697 – 1764, famous for his moralistic engravings and paintings. You can now purchase Doc Martens with perhaps his most famous work, the series The Rake’s Progress, slathered all over ‘em. Bewildered, but not mad at it—maybe even delighted?

The company announced the collection, produced in collaboration with London’s Sir John Soane’s Museum. (Is this a London gentrification thing, the equivalent of all those Brooklynites getting deep into the 1890s? Whatever, it’s more appealing than another battered leather satchel or handlebar mustache.) Please allow them to explain the art:

‘A Rake’s Progress’ is a satirical depiction of the rise and fall of Tom Rakewell, a country boy who inherits a fortune. Having gambled it away and squandered it on debauched evenings in the renowned Rose Tavern in Covent Garden, he marries a rich one-eyed woman. Once again he loses his fortune in a gambling house, becomes imprisoned for debt and eventually dies from madness in the notorious Bedlam asylum.

They’ve got boots, shoes, and a satchel decorated with bits and pieces from the series. And yet you still can’t get panties with Gin Lane stretching across your arse.

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Photo via Doc Martens.

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