Ummmmm Hello, Angelina Will Be On MTV's Upcoming Jersey Shore: Family Vacation


Something truly disgusting about me is how much I love the first two seasons of Jersey Shore. The later ones, with their inexplicable focus on Ronnay/Sammay’s relationship (not to mention that disastrous trip to Italy that somehow didn’t prompt the country to ban all visitors from the United States) lost some of the show’s early magic—in part because the cast simply became too famous.

But I’m optimistic about the show’s special reunion season, titled Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, for a number of reasons.

  1. Sammay’s not going to be there, so viewers will be spared her sour attitude and unconvincing bad-girl routine.
  2. Deena will be there, meaning we can expect plenty of falling, tumbling, crashing, and other acts of physical comedy.
  3. They’re posting up in Miami, which should create a special kind of public conflict: drunk Jersey assholes vs. drunk Miami assholes. And, most importantly:
  4. Angelina’s back.

Remember Angelina Pivarnick? She packed her clothes in garbage bags, she dialed conflicts up from manageable 3s to explosive 10s at the drop of a hat, and her “UMMMM, HELLO” was disrespectfully chosen by MTV as her opening tagline.

Pivarnick teased her return in a Tweet Wednesday night:

And Jersey Shore’s official Instagram account has just shared her first clip. We don’t see her face, but The Situation does. And he doesn’t seem pleased.

I can’t wait! How awful of me.

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