Unfortunately, Lana Del Rey Is Still Dating That Cop

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Unfortunately, Lana Del Rey Is Still Dating That Cop
Screenshot:Lana Del Rey (Instagram)

In 2017, a woman in South Carolina was watching Live PD—a real-time reality show about cops—when detectives showed up to a crime scene where her son was shot, and died, on camera. She later told KDSK TV: “The way they showed it on TV, that’s wrong. For a parent to find out about their child [like that], you don’t do that. […] He was just laying there and they were still filming it.” The show is still on the air despite this, a fact I learned to much horror when Lana Del Rey began dating Live PD “star” Sean “Sticks” Larkin back in September.

Why anyone would date a cop, let alone be attracted to a cop, is unfathomable to me. Especially when you consider The Rule of Cops, which is: If you date a cop, you are a cop! This makes Lana Del Rey the most famous pop star turned cop in history, considering the Instagram photo she posted last night featuring Sticks.

As People reports, Lana Del Rey has previously spoken about Sticks’ career choices, telling the LA Times: “He’s a good cop. He gets it. He sees both sides of things.” She didn’t elaborate further on what “seeing both sides” means, but it sounds an awful lot like justifying police brutality! Speaking of: multiple people featured on the show have later filed brutality lawsuits against its “stars,” many of which have now withdrawn their police forces from production because of the negative publicity it generates.

Also, Sticks works on not one, but two shows about cops with cameras following them on various excursions. Besides Live PD, he is also the host of PD Cam. Sounds exhausting to be around, but congrats to the happy couple, or whatever! [People]

Somewhere in Atlantic City, New Jersey, underpaid and overworked wait staff are fervently gossiping about Mariah Carey’s terrible tipping habits, considering her production crew for the “All I want For Christmas is You” tour stiffed hotel waitstaff on a $500 order! Page Six reports that employees at Robert’s Steakhouse in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino “prepared the meal with extra attention to make sure that everything was perfect for the notoriously finicky pop star,” and were shocked when a staffer for Carey walked away with all the food without leaving a tip!

Thankfully, spies also got the rundown on the meal’s contents. According to a receipt, Carey and her team ordered lobster tail, strip steak, a roast chicken, salmon, crab cakes, multiple pasta dishes, and some spinach salads. That’s a lot of preparation for one meal, work that deserves a hearty tip! Isn’t there anyone around who can illuminate Carey on concepts like “giving all your money to people?” She can absolutely afford $200 out of hundreds of millions! [Page Six]

I’ve been trying to parse this Instagram video for hours.

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