Unwrapping the Beef: What's Up With Tomi Lahren, Candace Owens, and All These Deleted Tweets?


Right-wing ghouls with highlighter Tomi Lahren and Candace Owens were beefing on Twitter this week, and shit got really personal really quickly. So sad when bad things happen to good people, you know?

Here’s how it started: Lahren is vehemently opposed to the First Step Act, Congress’ super modest criminal justice reform bill, which is apparently why she got into a Twitter debate about it with another random person you do not know from right-wing media named CJ Pearson.

As this was happening, Candace Owens, Turning Point USA communications director and Kanye West bestie, butted in. In a now deleted tweet (of which there are several), Owens claimed Lahren didn’t even read the bill she was criticizing and accused her of plagiarizing:

Lahren wasn’t amused by the suggestion that she cannot read and also plagiarizes:

Owens then challenged Lahren to a debate about prison reform, but said it in a way that was not sincere or maybe was sincere, okay.

Owens also offered to challenge Lahren to a debate about abortion:

Lahren did not want to debate and got heated:

Uh oh! Time to take catch our breath:

Then Owens said Lahren was “playing the victim” and claimed she texted “nasty things” about her before the two ever met (please send us these texts):

Lahren then attempted to circle back to the whole prison reform thing, but not before shitting on Turning Point USA. Worth noting that Lahren used to be a Turning Point USA darling:

This, it seems, was a step too far for Owens. In another deleted tweet, Owens threatened to “expose” Lahren (please do):

Owens went on to describe some Turning Point USA drama involving her, Lahren, and Charlie Kirk.

And here was Lahren’s response (exposing herself):

And then there was this bit:

Lahren also replied to some now deleted tweets of Owens’s (let this be a lesson to always take screenshots while you’re beefing):

And again!

Lahren is referencing an incident back in October in which Owens credited her pal Kanye West for creating a line of apparel for her “Blexit” campaign, a movement intended to encourage black people to leave the Democratic Party. Kanye denied having any involvement with the project and claimed he felt used by Owens. Owens was heartbroken!!! Low blow, Lahren!!!

Owens deleted this next tweet as well, but here’s a screenshot:

She then tried to summarize the beef, including the deleted beef:

Anyway. That’s that on that. They have beefed before. They will beef again. Maybe they will both faint from beef fumes? Stay tuned.

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