Vivienne Westwood Glamorously Rides Tank to Protest Fracking


Vivienne Westwood made an unforgettable entrance when she arrived at the home of British Prime Minister David Cameron to protest fracking. Escorted by people in camouflage gear, the fashion designer rolled up in a white armored personnel carrier to join other protesters who wore gas masks. “We are here to poison the ground under David Cameron’s house because what he wants to do is poison loads of other people,” Westwood explained to RT UK. The grand gesture was made in response to the government announcing it would allow fracking in 27 locations.

The prime minister was in Leeds during the time of the protest, reports The Guardian. “Cameron accuses foreign leaders such as President Gaddafi and President Assad of supposedly using chemicals on their own people as a justification for regime change,” said Westwood. “But he is doing precisely that here in Britain by forcing toxic, life-threatening fracking chemicals on his own people against the advice of his own chief scientist.” Westwood continued, “Cameron plans to force householders to surrender their land and endure fracking underneath their homes. Britons no longer have any choice but to fight back.”

Westwood is a longtime political and environmental activist. Her son, Agent Provocateur founder Joe Corré, heads the anti-fracking organization Talk Fracking. This wasn’t the first elaborate protest the designer has held in support of the anti-fracking movement. In April, she staged an apocalyptic-themed rally which involved zombie models on stilts and Westwood carrying an amputee baby doll smeared in fake blood.

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