Wanna Watch Octavia Spencer Terrorize Some Small Town Teens?


It takes a lot to render me speechless, but the official trailer for Ma, a psychological horror thriller starring Octavia Spencer, managed to fucking do it.

In Ma, Spencer plays Sue Ann, a lonely woman who befriends a group of teenagers after they ask her to buy alcohol for them. Sue Ann wants to keep racking up cool points with the teens, so she decides to lets them use her basement as a party spot.

But there’s one big rule that the teens must follow: Don’t go up the basement stairs. Oh, and call her Ma!

Naturally, shit gets weird. I implore you to watch this trailer:

Ma becomes obsessed with the kids and starts infiltrating their lives.

For example: Facetiming with the teens!

Doing shots with the teens!

Taking duck face selfies with the teens!


Driving over the teens.

And lounging with the (maybe dead? Passed out?) teens.

As soon as the kids start to pull back, Ma does whatever it takes to pull them back in. Ma’s basement goes from a party paradise to a nightmarish dungeon. Oh, Ma!

Tate Taylor, the director whose film The Help made Spencer a household name, also directed Ma. Do whatever you’d like with that morsel of information; my primary reaction is whew! Either way, I might have to watch this mess. Seeing Spencer in a villainous role in a potentially campy horror flick is too good to pass up.

Ma opens on May 31.

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