Want to Watch a Supercut of Celebrities Dropping the F-Bomb? Why the Fuck Not


I was once told by a new acquaintance that, while she generally didn’t like swearing, she appreciated the way that curse words fit into my speech pattern. “It seems like a natural part of you language,” she said, to which I replied, “Whatever, you fucking square,” before popping the collar of my leather jacket and going off to do some drag racing. (A lot of badass things are a natural part of my language.)

I don’t think I’m alone in this — swearing is a natural part of many people’s language mainly because swearing feels good. It adds emphasis. It provides release. It acts differently in different contexts. How about — instead of the usual bleeps and blurred mouths — we celebrate swear words with a supercut of celebrities saying “fuck” to the “Axl F” song? Stars! They’re just like us!


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