Washington GOP Candidate Provides A Less Than Thoughtful Treatise on “The Rape Thing”


John Koster, a Washington state GOP House Candidate, says, “the rape thing” does not excuse abortions. Once again, the RAPE THING DOES NOT EXCUSE ABORTIONS.

That pesky rape thing! Always trying to get out of abortions when she knows it’s no excuse. I mean, I can’t. I cannot even.

I think, at this point, we have to assume that any anti-abortion candidate who doesn’t speak out against this, is for it. The real danger is thinking that they’re not all like this, we’re just hearing about it more because people have cell phone cameras and fast internet and word spreads so damn quickly.

I, for one, am going to make out with my iPhone and WiFi tonight to show proper thanks for the good work of their brave brethren. Oh yeah, and I’m gonna call every single fucking person I’ve ever met in Washington and make them listen to this and tell them to call ten friends and so on. Let’s phone tree this asshole.

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