Watch Lady Gaga Do Her Best 4 Non Blondes Impression


The 1990s are back and that means flannels, overalls, mini backpack purses and … the 4 Non Blondes? Yes, if you’re Lady Gaga the resurgence includes singing the angry hit “What’s Up?,” everyone’s favorite drunken karaoke song, completely sober and with all of your faculties during a concert. I said hey!

Linda Perry’s dirty art hipster groove on “What’s Up?” is a “screaming in your car” classic, so Gaga, savvy popstress that she is, performed her own rendition of the song during a show in Vienna and it’s … something. Gaga may be a art eccentric who dresses in meat to get you to listen to her music but Stefani Germanotta can actually sing — which is why this “What’s Up?” interpretation leaves a little to be desired.

Does Gaga do the original justice? You be the judge.

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