Watch This Russian Farmer Order His Ducks to Get Their Shit Together


You don’t fuck with the Russians, not even if you’re a duck. (And I say this as a Russian.)

If you need any more motivation to do something (anything) with your life, then this video of a burly Russian farmer ordering his ducks to get into formation and march the fuck into the barn will get you thinking about what you might be good at and what small thing you can do to change your life today. For me, it’s going outside and getting a mineral water instead of diet coke (because that will give you cancer). For you, it might be something much more exciting, like finding a way to make Diet Coke that won’t give me cancer. Dare to dream because if one man can get ducks to listen to him (have you met a duck? Once I was on a pedal boat and they surrounded us and I was screaming and throwing popcorn everywhere) then you can do anything you want to, too.

This message brought to you by the fact that I should be asleep right now. Good night, Jezebel! Quack quack! (That means “bye” in duck.)

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