Watch This Woman Devour a 4.5 Pound Steak in Under 3 Minutes


Good news, everyone: women have finally gnawed our way through the meat ceiling. Specifically, competitive eater Molly Schuyler has set a new world record after consuming an entire 72 oz. steak in under three minutes. The previous record, held by some dude, was 6 minutes and 48 seconds. GIRL POWER.

Molly ate the steak very casually, as though it were an ice cream sandwich or a single slider. She did not touch her side salad, because fuck those. All in all, her meat consumption is one of the most awe-inspiring things I’ve seen in my entire life (sorry, Niagara Falls in the process of freezing, but you’re going to have to do better).

As someone who once ate three steaks in one sitting (it was Christmas!) and dealt with the repercussions thereafter, I can prognosticate that Molly will be experiencing a prolonged case of the meat sweats over the next few days.

[H/T The Daily Dot]

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