We Are All Ted Cruz's Tortured Mother


This summer, a series of videos featuring members of the Cruz family were quietly released on YouTube. The interviews are both mesmerizing and unwatchable because of Ted Cruz’s very slow whisper-talk and awkward shoulder stroking, but they are newsworthy because of his mother Eleanor Darragh.

Darragh clearly feels uncomfortable in the videos, refusing to share a personal story despite Cruz’s soft, serial killer insistence that she suck it up. At another point, she reveals she isn’t good on television and feels uncomfortable with the whole exercise.

The crowning moment of the video series is when Cruz claims his mother prays for him “for hours at a time.” Ted, your mother does not think about you that much.

BuzzFeed attempted to explain why these hellacious cultural objects even exist:

It is unclear why the videos were uploaded.
Campaigns legally can’t coordinate with PACs but often avoid the law by posting hours of b-roll of interviews and soundless footage of the candidate doing things like walking around and meeting with voters to get around the law.

Watch the full video below and click around the account for more fresh Cruz content.

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Image via YouTube.

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